I’m an illustrator from North Wales in the UK. My work is known for featuring dramatic lighting, complex detail, dynamic action and a sense of story. I’ve been lucky enough to work on the Ninja Turtles (Raphael rules!) comic book for IDW, illustrated children’s books for Wayland and Hachette Publishing, created storyboards for film projects with Refinery29, as well as producing Comics, Concept Art and Graphic Novels for indie producers.

I’m currently a freelancer represented by Nathalie Myriam at the Famous Frames Agency. I pride myself of being fun and easy to work with you’ll always want to come back! I work in a mixture of digital 3D and 2D so you might not always get “a rough sketch” like a traditional artist, and you might instead get “a rough sculpture”! This means I’m faster in the long run since a model means I don’t start with a blank page every single time.